Faculty Distance/Online Teaching Training and Tools

Faculty listening at a lecture.

Published March 20, 2020

As UB continues to proactively respond to the international coronavirus outbreak, we are committed to providing resources and training to support faculty, students and staff.


Available Tools

Here are some brief highlights of a few of UB’s technology resources for teaching and collaborating remotely:

Recording Your Lecture with Panopto

With Panopto, use any device to create dynamic educational videos by capturing voice and video and combining it with presentation slides and more. Panopto features easy editing and captioning, and easy ways to share videos with students and analyze their participation.

Web-based Cloud Storage with UBbox

UBbox is secure cloud storage for everyone at UB. It has powerful features for collaboration and integrates with apps like Microsoft Office Online and Google Docs.

UB Learns (Blackboard) Learning Management System

UB Learns is an online environment to create, deliver and manage course content, as well as monitor participation and assess performance among learners. Many UB online services (like Panopto and UBbox) integrate with UB Learns for a seamless learning experience.

Live Distance Collaboration with Zoom or Webex

Host online office hours or group meetings with Zoom or Webex’s private virtual meeting rooms. Collaborate using voice, video and/or chat, share your screen and record meetings for later.

Help Is Available

For more information on transitioning your course materials online or to request a consultation on Blackboard, please visit the Center for Educational Innovation’s guide.

For technical support with UB online services like Panopto, Zoom or Webex, please contact the UBIT Help Center at buffalo.edu/ubit/help.