Zoom is an easy-to-use video communication platform that includes video conferencing, recording, phone, chat and screen sharing. Zoom is available to all UB students, faculty and staff.

Help docs

For 24/7 help with Zoom, call (888) 799-8854 or email support@zoom.us.

Video tutorials

Watch UB's Zoom video tutorials

Learn Zoom basics and explore UB-specific topics like integrating Zoom with UB Learns.

Watch Zoom's video tutorials

Explore the this comprehensive video library. For just the basics, see our YouTube playlist.

Key features

  • Host meetings of up to 300 participants, with no time limit
  • For special events UBIT can loan out one of a few 500 seat webinar licenses. Contact the UBIT Help Center for more information.

Common questions

I'm being asked to "activate" my account. Should I?

Yes. If you had a Zoom account prior to March 18, 2020 and used your UBITName to login, follow the steps to Switch your old Zoom account.

It kicks me out when I check “keep me logged in.”

Make sure you are visiting buffalo.zoom.us, and click Sign in

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About this service

Zoom is available 24 hours daily, and supported 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. ET Monday - Friday.

Need help? Contact the UBIT Help Center or your departmental IT support.