Does your computer meet UB's minimum recommendations?

Students look on in a UB classroom as a lecture is taking place, their laptops open before them.

Photo by Douglas Levere

Published June 23, 2020

The UB experience is face-to-face, virtual and everything in between. And, with the right device, you can do it all.


Before you buy

Do you need to buy a new laptop before attending UB? Not necessarily. If your computer has a webcam, the latest Windows or MacOS operating system, and meets the rest of UB’s recommendations, you should have no problem.

But if your current computer is older, and doesn’t meet the basic recommendations, it’s time to think about something newer.

Some schools, like UB's School of Architecture and Planning and Graduate School of Education, have their own preferences about student technology. Be sure to check with your school or department before you start classes or buy a new device. 

Also, check UB’s list of free software—you could save money by declining pre-installed software, like Microsoft Office, and downloading it for free from the UBIT website instead.

Take advantage of student discounts

If you’re buying a new computer, you should know that students often receive discounts and special offers on hardware and software. 

Our website has links to find educational discounts from Apple and Lenovo, $100 rebates on Dell laptops over $499 and more. These deals are always up-to-date as new models come in, so be sure to check every time you're in need of a new device. 

You always ask about student discounts whenever you’re buying new technology, no matter where from.

Windows or Mac laptops do it all

UB students tell us they prefer laptops for their power and portability. For the most part, it doesn’t matter whether you prefer Windows or Mac computers—UB supports both.  

While it’s recommended you bring your own personal device, UB has both Windows and Mac computers for students to use in our public computing sites.

What about Chromebooks?

Unfortunately, although cost-effective, Chromebooks are lacking in a few key areas and are not recommended or supported by UB. As one example, they don’t support Zoom, which many UB instructors use for virtual classes and office hours.  

Is my Internet good enough?

We recommend following Zoom’s bandwidth requirements—600kbps up/down for 1:1 video, 800kbps up/down for group video. 

Get help with technology at UB

Got questions about technology at UB? We have answers! Contact the UB Tech Squad for help, online at or by phone at 716-645-3542.