Computing Sites

UB provides lots of safe spaces to help you get your work done.

Together, we are stopping the spread.

Know the rules regarding: Daily Health Check, Vaccinations, Face Coverings, Testing, Quarantine and Isolation.

Public computing sites

Students study in a computing site.

More places to use technology

Looking for some peace and quiet? Find a space to collaborate with classmates.  Problems with the space? Stop by the circulation desk.

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Computer Science and Engineering students.

Departmental Workstations

Depending on your major, you may have access to additional software and workstations. Lucky.

Updated November 2020.

Common questions

Can Alumni use computers in computing sites?

Due to COVID-19, access to University Libraries is restricted to current UB students, faculty and staff.

Where can I use hardware designed for people with disabilities?

Wheelchair-accessible Assistive stations, outfitted with software meant to assist people who have disabilities (including screen reading software, text enlargement software and software that types what you dictate orally), are present on both campuses.

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