Get classroom tech training or help from UBIT

Published August 28, 2017 This content is archived.

UBIT offers on-site and over-the-phone response to classroom technical problems and operational questions, with a response time of ten minutes or less. Personal consultations with an IT Customer Service professional are also available by advance appointment.



Benjamin Blanchett.

Benjamin Blanchet (UB student, Class of 2018) is an English major with an interest in journalism. After graduating from UB, he hopes to attend grad school and pursue a career writing about music and the arts. An Albany, NY native, Benjamin enjoys biking and reading in his spare time.

Help in the classroom

UBIT offers a direct line for quick, on-site help in the classroom; simply call 716-645-3542 and choose ‘Option 1.’ Most problems can be resolved in ten minutes or less, often over the phone; otherwise the problem will be escalated immediately to one of our classroom repair technicians, to ensure as fast a resolution as possible.

The right combination

To unlock classroom teaching stations, you’ll need to enter the six-digit combination for your classroom. An always up-to-date list of combinations for every centrally scheduled classroom on campus is available online.

Schedule a personal consultation

UB instructors can request a personal consultation by completing our online form and select a preference for a dates and times. Someone from UBIT’s Customer Service team will reach out to finalize the appointment.

Help beyond the classroom

For tech help beyond the classroom, UB faculty, students and staff can open a ticket any time of day using the UBIT Help Center Online. Step-by-step guides and tutorial videos on the UBIT website also cover every aspect of technology at UB, in and out of the classroom.