Email phishing alert - " unusual sign-in activity" (3/19/21)

Description of the phish / scam

Scammers are targeting UB employees by sending email claiming to be mailadmins and claiming that there's been unusual activity on their account.  An example looks something like this: 

Unusual sign-in activity

We detected something unusual about a recent sign-in to the account.

details

Country/region: United States

IP address:

Date: 03/19/2021 10:42 AM (GMT)

Platform: Windows

Browser: Microsoft Edge

Please go to your recent activity page to let us know whether or not this was you. If this wasn't you, we'll help you secure your account. If this was you, we'll trust similar activity in the future.

Review recent activity

To opt out or change where you receive security notifications, click here.


Thanks, administrator

How you can tell it is a scam

  • The email address does not exist at UB.
  • Urgent language is being used to get an immediate response.
  • The email signature is generic does not come from an actual UB department or individual.

I think I have been scammed. What should I do?

Report the phishing message.

If you've entered your UBITName and password, change your password immediately.  Contact the UBIT Help Center if you need assistance.