NSF Budget Template

Purpose of this Form

The budget spreadsheet below has been developed by Sponsored Programs for use in NSF's FastLane Proposal System.

  • Follow the instructions in red to complete your budget. Save it on your computer hard drive.
  • The worksheet is in Excel version 5.0. When you save your completed budget, be sure to save it in Excel 5.0. If you save it in a higher version, you will not be able to upload it to FastLane. Fastlane cannot read later versions of Excel.
  • When you are ready to upload your budget to FastLane:
    • Log on to FastLane 
    • Go to the appropriate proposal
    • Under "Form Preparation", select "Budgets"
    • On the "Budget Organization Selector," highlight SUNY at Buffalo and click on "Use". 
    • Click on the "Spreadsheet Support" button
    • Click on "Browse" to select the file on your hard drive that you wish to upload
    • Highlight the correct file and click on the "Upload" button
    • Please note: uploading a spreadsheet to FastLane can take several minutes

If you have any questions or problems with this process, please contact your cognizant Grant and Contract Specialist or Grant and Contract Administrator at Sponsored Programs. To find the contact information for the appropriate person, please refer to the Sponsored Programs Directory or call us at 645-2634. 


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Form Type: PDF Document

Updated: 1/9/2024

Owner: Sponsored Projects Services

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