• 11/4/19
    Register your bike to help deter theft, recover your bike if it’s impounded or stolen, and store it for free during the winter.
  • 8/18/20
    Contractor permits are issued to construction workers that cannot park on the construction sites. Contractors must first acquire a permit authorization letter from their university contact scheduling the work that is to be emailed or faxed to Parking and Transportation Services. The authorization dictates the number of permits the contractor is allowed to purchase during the duration of their project.
  • 11/4/19
    The Parking and Transportation Services office can help you arrange for parking and transportation for special events and meetings on campus. Advance notice is required, and there may be a fee for some of these services. All special events will be planned with the least possible disruption to university students, faculty and staff.
  • 11/4/19
    UB students, faculty, staff and vendors need a parking permit to park in many areas on campus. You can apply for a parking permit through the Parking and Transportation E-Business Center.
  • 8/16/20
    Recreation permits are issued to individuals who pay to use athletic facilities on the North and South Campus. Recreation members must first acquire their recreation membership and then complete Recreation Permit.

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