Manage Your Permit Registration

Your license plate is your virtual permit to park. Register for your virtual permit, add a vehicle or manage your license plate information through the Parking and Transportation E-Business Center.

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UBITName and password required

Virtual Parking Permits

You will need to register your license plate to park in many areas on campus. A virtual parking permit is available to UB students, faculty, staff and vendors.

Eligibility and Cost

Parking Permit Eligibility and Cost
Affiliation Cost
Students No cost. A portion of your transportation fee pays for parking.
State funded
Teaching Assistants (TAs,) Graduate Assistants (GAs):
$15 per year (Transportation fee is waived, issued a virtual student permit)

Faculty, Staff $15 per year
Vendors $50 per year
Motorcycle $15 per year
Lost permit replacement $15
Retirees and Official Volunteers No cost

Register For Your Virtual Parking Permit

You can register for your virtual parking permit annually through the Parking and Transportation E-Business Center. During this process:

  • You will log in using your UBITName and password
  • You will register your license plate and vehicle information 
  • If required, you will need to pay for your virtual parking permit with a credit card

UBITName and password required

Review Your Parking Information

Once you have completed the registration process, you will receive a confirmation to your email address. Your parking registration is complete!  Your license plate is your permission to park. Remember, you will need to complete this process annually. 

Park In Your Designated Area

Your virtual permit allows you to park in designated areas on campus, based on your permit type. Look for signs at the entrance of each parking area to avoid getting a ticket. For example, students should not park in lots designated for faculty/staff only.  

Motorcycle, Moped or Scooter?

You must register your motorcycle, moped or scooter separately from your automobile to park in faculty/staff lots, student lots and designated motorcycle parking. Learn more about motorcycle registration. 

Pay for Your Virtual Parking Permit

If you are required to pay for your permit, you can pay online using an eCheck, credit card or debit card. You will be prompted to pay during the registration process. 

Lost and Stolen Hangtags

UB students, faculty and staff use virtual parking permits, so there is no need to request a replacement permit. People with specialized permits may request a replacement permit if their hangtag has been lost or stolen by emailing

Guest Parking Permits

A guest parking permit allows you to park on campus for a specific day or range of dates. If you are visiting campus for an official academic purpose, ask the department you are visiting for a guest parking permit. You can also get a guest parking permit from Parking and Transportation Services in 1Capen on the North Campus.

Residence Hall and Apartment Guests

A guest permit is typically required to park in a residence hall lot, except for weekends. Guests are not allowed to park in apartment parking lots.

Add a License Plate(s) to Your Virtual Permit

Bringing a different vehicle to campus? You can add the license plate to your virtual permit through the Parking and Transportation E-Business Center.

UBITName and password required

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