Transit Advertising

side view of shuttle bus

University departments, student groups and affiliated organizations can purchase advertising (ad) space on or inside the UB Stampede buses and the exterior of the campus shuttles as a highly effective marketing and branding opportunity. 

Ad Types and Placement

Ad Type and Size Placement

Interior Panel

11" high x 47" wide

Stampede Buses - inside above the windows and passengers

Exterior Side Panel 

24" high x 96" wide

Shuttles - one panel for each side

Exterior Rear Panel 

23" high x 76" wide

Rear of Stampede Bus


8.5" x 11" or 8.5" x 14"            

Bus Shelter Cases

Pricing and Availability

Email or phone Linda Velazquez at, (716) 645-3943 for pricing, availability and additional information.

Linda Velazquez

Linda Velazquez

Parking and Transportation Services

106 Spaulding Quadrangle

Phone: 716-645-3943


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