Wayfinding and Maps

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Find out how to get anywhere on campus quickly, safely and efficiently using our Transportation Tracker and maps.

Transportation Tracker Service

You can track the location of any Stampede bus or shuttle, on any route, through the web or your smartphone. With the Transportation Tracker, you will know where your shuttle is, and can project when it will arrive at your location.

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View on Your Phone Using the UB Mobile App

  1. Open the UB Mobile app on your phone
  2. Find the Transportation Tracker under Transport
  3. Click Find My Bus
  4. Select a route in the dropdown Select Route
  5. Select a stop in the dropdown Select Stop
  6. Click Return to map
  7. Click a bus icon to see its location

View on the Parking Website

  1. Go to Parking and Transportation->Getting Around UB->Buses
  2. Choose your bus route from the table
  3. Click the related Track It link

Shuttle Route Maps

Download Bus and Shuttle Maps to Print

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