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Individuals with reduced mobility who wish to utilize accessible parking spaces will find available spaces at various locations on all campuses.


Parking for Persons with Disabilities

University members with a permanent or temporary disability, who require special parking consideration, must have a permit issued by a state municipality for persons with a disability, or a temporary permit for persons with a disability (available with medical documentation from Parking and Transportation Services.) Effective August 2019, a university-issued disability parking permit will be required as well.

Why is a University-Issued Permit Required?

The purpose of the university disability parking permit is to regulate use of accessible spaces to ensure they are available for those who need them, identify where additional space is needed and to discourage abuse by people not authorized to use a disability permit.

Obtain a University Disability Parking Permit

You will need to provide your state-issued disability parking permit, or registration for your disability plates, driver’s license and payment (if needed) before obtaining the university-issued permit. Your options are to:

  • Bring the required documents in person to the Parking office in 1Capen, Capen Hall
  • Email copies of the required documents to
  • If you previously had a university-issued disability parking permit, you may renew your permit online in the Parking E-Business Center. The new parking permit will be mailed to you.

In the event you receive a parking citation while obtaining your permit, advise Parking and Transportation Services and the citation will be voided.

A copy of your state-issued permit information will be kept on file in Parking and Transportation Services. If the university-issued permit expires before the state-issued permit, a new university permit may be requested to be sent to you by mail.

The university-issued disability permit must be displayed along with the state-issued permit.

The university-issued disability permit replaces the regular annual UB parking permit issued to faculty, staff and students.

University-Issued Disability Permit Eligibility and Cost
Affiliation Cost
Students No cost. A portion of your transportation fee pays for permits

TA (Teaching Assistants)

GA (Graduate Assistants)

Represented by GSEU

$15 per year (Transportation fee is waived, issued a student permit)
Faculty, Staff $15 per year
Retirees and Official Volunteers No Cost
Where Can I Use a UB Disability Parking Permit?

The university-issued disability parking permit is valid for disability parking only on the University at Buffalo North and South Campuses.

Guest Parking

If you are visiting campus Monday - Friday, between 7:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m., a guest parking permit or paid parking is required. You may obtain a guest parking permit from the department you are visiting, or from 1Capen on the North Campus. Display the guest tag along with your valid disability parking permit for access to designated disability parking spaces on campus.

Park In:

  • Any signed disability space
  • A general parking lot space
  • A pay lot or metered space

Do Not Park In:

  • Metered or pay lot spaces without payment
  • "Red" permit spaces
  •  Spaces reserved for a specific license plate
  • Fire lanes, sidewalks or roadways

Temporary Disabilities

If you are a member of the UB community (student, faculty or staff) with a short-term disability, you can get a temporary hangtag that lets you park in disability parking spots. To apply, you will need to submit a Temporary Accessible Parking Permit Intake Form and a NYS DMV Application signed by you and your doctor. Contact Parking and Transpotation Services for instructions and forms.

What Is the Fine for Parking in a Disability Space Without a Valid Permit?

The fine for parking in a disability space withot a valid permit is $100. If not paid or appealed within 15 days, a late fine will bring the violation to $120.

Accessible Parking Spaces and Building Entrances

Find accessible parking spaces and building entrances on the North, South and Downtown campuses, as well as the shortest path to building entrances.

Accessible Parking for Special Events

Accessible parking is typically available in the following lots for special events at the locations noted. A state-issued or UB disability parking permit or plates are required.

Front of Alumni Arena (preferable entry point for those with special needs)

  • Slee B lot
  • Baird B lot

Rear of the arena

  • Alumni A lot
  • Arena A lot

Center for the Arts and Slee Concert Hall

  • Slee B lot
  • Baird B lot

UB Stadium

  • Alumni A lot
  • Arena A lot
What Can I Do If I Can't Find a Space to Park?

If you have difficulty finding a signed space that is open or convenient, notify Parking and Transportation Services at 716-645-3943, or email

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