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Vendor permits are available to individuals and companies that do business with the University at Buffalo.

Vendor Parking

If you are a vendor doing business with UB and your vehicle will be parked for more than 20 minutes at a time, you need a vendor permit. A vendor permit allows you to park in designated areas on campus, as listed here.

Vendor Parking Allowed Vendor Permit Parking Not Allowed
  • “Service Vehicle Only” spaces (up to 2 hours)
  • “State Vehicles Only” spaces (up to 1 hour)
  • Any faculty/staff or student lot, with the exception of the Bonner and Fronczak lots
  • Spaces signed “University Owned Vehicles”
  • “Red Permit” spaces
  • Clinic spaces
  • Handicap spaces
  • Load/unload areas
  • Sidewalks
  • Grassy areas
Deliveries of 20 Minutes or Less — No Permit Needed

If your business involves simple deliveries that take 20 minutes or less, a vendor permit is not required as long as your vehicle is marked with a logo, business design or dashboard card. All dashboard cards must be 8 1/2" x 11" and be on record in the Parking and Transportation office.

Get a Vendor Permit

You can apply for a vendor permit if you are an outside company, agent or individual that does business with UB. Each person requesting a permit must complete an application. Current UB faculty, staff or students are not eligible to apply for a vendor permit. Vendor permits are valid January 1 through December 31 of the year issued. Apply online through the Parking and Transportation E-Business Center, or visit the Parking and Transportation Services office to apply.

UBITName and password required

Vendor Permit Costs

A vendor permit costs $50.00 and is transferable to any vehicle utilized by the registered permit holder.

Lost or Stolen Vendor Permits

There is a $15.00 replacement fee for lost or stolen permits. Please complete a Lost or Stolen Permit Form.

Vendor Permit Renewals

Renewals are accepted in the fall of the prior calendar year. Any outstanding fines associated with the applicant or the vehicle(s) being registered must be paid before a vendor permit will be issued.

Multiple Vehicles (Pool Usage)

When you apply for your permit, you can request “pool” usage. With pool usage, several individuals may share one permit. Your company accepts responsibility for all fees and fines associated with the permit.

Parking Meters

For short-term parking, you can park at one of the parking meters conveniently located throughout campus. Please note that payment at parking meters is required, even if you have a parking permit.

Parking Meter Enforcement

Parking meters are enforced 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., Monday through Saturday. Rates vary per location.

Mobile Payment Metered Parking

You can use a 1-800 number or smartphone app to pay at select meters on campus when you pre-register through ParkMobile. ParkMobile is a service that lets you make payments from your credit card, get reminders before your parking expires, add time to your space from your phone and manage your parking receipts.  

North Campus

  • Select spaces at all traditional coin meter locations
  • Rensch Loop
  • Park Lot

How to Use ParkMobile

  1. You must pre-register through or download/register with their app
  2. Once you have found a parking space, launch the ParkMobile app, or call 1-877-727-5730 (as posted on the sign)
  3. Enter the 4-digit parking zone number located on the meter or nearby signage
  4. Enter your space number (if required)
  5. Keep your vehicle information correct and up to date with

Problems with ParkMobile?

Coin Operated Parking Meters

Traditional parking meters are located throughout North and South Campus. Parking is prohibited at malfunctioning meters.

North Campus Parking Meters

  • Alumni A Lot — near Center for the Arts, Slee Concert Hall, Alumni Arena 
  • Baird B Lot — near Center for the Arts, Slee Concert Hall, Alumni Arena 
  • Coventry Loop — near Center for the Arts, Slee Concert Hall, Alumni Arena
  • Fargo Lot — near Greiner Hall 
  • Flint Road — near Park Hall, Capen Hall, Jacobs Hall 
  • Hamilton Loop — near Capen Hall, Knox Lecture Hall, Student Union
  • Hochstetter B Lot — near Capen Hall, Knox Lecture Hall
  • Jacobs A Lot — near Capen Hall, Jacobs Management Center
  • Jacobs B Lot  — near Capen Hall, Jacobs Management Center
  • Jacobs C Lot —near Jacobs Management Center, Lockwood Library
  • Jarvis A Lot — near Davis Hall walkway
  • Moody Terrace — near Richmond Quadrangle
  • Park Lot — near Capen Hall, O'Brian Hall, Jacobs Management Center
  • Mary Talbert Way — near Mathematics Building, Computing Center, Fronczak Hall
  • Mary Talbert Way — near Natural Science Complex and Lecture Halls, Cooke Hall, Hochstetter Hall

South Campus Parking Meters

  • Clark Lot — near Clark Hall, Pharmacy Building
  • Hayes/Crosby Loading — near Hayes Hall, Hayes A-D, Crosby Hall
  • Michael-Farber Lot — near Squire Hall, Michael Hall, MacDonald Hall, Farber Hall, Sherman Hall
Downtown Campus Parking Options

To learn about parking and transportation options on UB’s Downtown Campus, visit the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus website.

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