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This is what it means to be #UBTrueBlue.


  • The truest, bluest time of the year

    While UB homecoming activities have grown since the first event in the 1920s, the goal remains the same: to build a sense of belonging.

  • UB announces lineup for speakers series

    Featured are “Jeopardy!” champ Amy Schneider, journalist Nicholas Thompson and legal scholar Nita Farahany, author Heather McGhee and poet Amanda Gorman.

  • Campus vaccine clinics reopen with start of fall semester

    The flu and COVID 19 vaccines will be available at clinics on all three campuses.

  • New students to be assigned course on academic integrity

    The online course, similar to “,” aims to educate students about the university’s expectations as they begin their studies at UB.

  • UB welcomes students for fall semester

    The first-ever drone show at UB will cap off this year’s Welcome Weekend and officially usher in the 2023 fall semester.

  • Student shines his determined light on UB

    Health and human services major Matt LaFratta begins each day by spreading joy on social media.


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