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Any departmental or personal website with an RSS reader can receive UB feeds that are targeted for your needs. By linking to these RSS feeds, you will keep up to date with the latest on the topics you choose. (Learn more about RSS.)


Title Link (copy URL to RSS reader)
@ UB Today XML
@ UB This Week XML
Calendar Highlights XML
For Our Alumni XML
For Our Students XML
The Arts XML
UB Bulls XML
UB in the Community XML


Title Link (copy URL to RSS reader)
National News XML
Philanthropy XML
Research XML
Science and Technology XML
Student Life XML
Architecture and Planning XML
Arts and Sciences XML
Dental Medicine XML
Education XML
Engineering and Applied Sciences XML
Management XML
Medicine and Biomedical Sciences XML
Nursing XML
Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences XML
Public Health and Health Professions XML
Social Work XML
UB Reporter (Campus) XML
Athletics / UB Bulls XML

What is RSS?

(R)eally (S)imple (S)yndication allows blogs and Web sites to publish up-to-date news and information to your RSS reader easily and in a timely manner. Once you set up a RSS feed, whenever the site you are subscribed to changes, it will publish to your reader. RSS is relatively new to the Web. Not all sites publish their content in this manner. But it is becoming more popular every day.

Anywhere you see an RSS image XML, that link is an RSS feed that you can add to your reader following the instructions below. For example, major news sites typically provide RSS feeds for you to use. Readers are found on popular sites like MyYahoo or at UB in MyUB.

Getting started

To view one of the UB feeds in your RSS reader:

  1. Copy the URL/shortcut that corresponds to the topic that interests you.
  2. Paste the URL into your reader.