How to Apply

We’re here to help you. To get started, please follow the steps on this page. You can also review the rest of the information in this section for more information. If you need any help, please contact admissions at any time. 

Step 1. Review the Requirements to Apply

Step 2. Apply to the Buffalo EOC (online or in person)

Step 3. Upload the Required Documents

Step 4. Upload Required COVID-19 Vaccination Documentation (ONLY Allied Health Students)

After You Apply
  • An Admissions Advisor will reach out to you after you complete the online application
  • A placement test will be scheduled after you submit your documentation and successfully complete your application
  • If you aren’t sure what to do next, please call the Admissions office at 716-645-1900

Learn More About Applying

  • Eligibility and Documentation Requirements
    You must meet eligibility requirements to enroll at Buffalo EOC, and provide specific documents to prove your eligibility. On this page, you will find a list of the eligibility requirements, and information about which documents you need to enroll.
  • Upload Required Documents
    Please fill out this form and attached required documents.

For more information or help, please contact Admissions