Counseling & Advisement

Counselors provide holistic advisement services that meet the different needs of our unique students. We are dedicated to establishing a student-focused environment that supports all aspects of student success including retention, completion as well as encouragement. Students will receive the needed support to meet academic and career goals.

Here to Help You

Our dedicated staff will support students from the start of their academic journey, until they walk across the stage at graduation.

We endeavor to provide the highest quality of service and instruction to our students and our community. Students are supported throughout their educational journey to achieve their goals. We hope to see you soon!

How Counseling Works

  1. Each student is assigned a counselor to consult with on academic pathways and program options.
  2. Counselors will guide students through the process of program requirements and class registration.
  3. Counselors will offer a blueprint of success, and will provide guidance toward successfully completing their program. 
  4. Throughout your time here, counselors can discuss and provide solutions to academic barriers and obstacles that may get in the way of your success both in and outside of the classroom. As part of this service, they can provide referrals to internal and external support services as needed.
Looking for Mental Health Counseling or Other Services?

Your assigned counselor at the Buffalo EOC is an academic advisor, not a trained mental health specialist. However, your Buffalo EOC counselor can help you connect with a mental health professional in the community, and other resources you may need. We also have a directory of Community Resources available on this website.

Who is my Counselor?

Counseling & Advisement

Phone: 716-645-9555


  • Counselors are assigned once a student has completed the admissions process and taken the TABE test for placement. 
  • Assignments are based on the first letter of the student’s last name or a specific program a student is enrolled in.