The University at Buffalo Educational Opportunity Center (UBEOC) is committed to providing academic, vocational, and career services to Western New York residents. Students enrolling at UBEOC can select from over 20 programs and services offered days, evenings and some weekends. In addition to academic and vocational programs, UBEOC also offers specialized learning community programs like ATTAIN, to make the learning experience small and personalized.

Students are expected to comply with COVID-19 public health behavior expectations on campus.

Behavioral Requirements in all Campus Public Spaces

 UB student requirements include:

1.       Students are required to obtain and wear masks/face coverings (preferably a multi-layered cloth covering or a surgical mask) in campus public spaces, including campus outdoor spaces.

2.       In addition to wearing a mask at all times, students are required to maintain proper physical  distancing (also known as social distancing) in public spaces and must stay 6 feet apart from one another. Even when physical distancing is possible, face coverings still must be worn at all times when in public spaces on UB’s campuses – indoors and outdoors – because some risk of transmission still exists at distances greater than 6 feet.

3.       Students are required to limit the number of people participating in a program or gathering to 50 people or based on the available capacity for that space (whichever is less), while adhering to social distancing and face mask requirements. Students are required to adhere to the maximum occupancy guidance for low-risk and high-risk indoor and outdoor events and gatherings.

4.       Students are required to stay home if they are sick.

5.       Students are required to abide by New York State, federal and Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) travel restrictions and precautionary quarantines.

6.       Students are required to follow campus and public health directives for isolation or quarantine. 

7.       Should a student need to miss class due to illness, isolation or quarantine, they are required to notify their faculty to make arrangements to make up missed work.

8.       Living on campus is a privilege that comes with additional requirements. Residential students are required to follow specific Campus Living rules as outlined in the Campus Living Housing Agreement and Addendum, the Guide to Campus Living and any posted signage.

9.       Students dining at on-campus facilities are expected to follow posted information on any additional requirements specific to the dining environment. 

10.   Students are responsible for following any additional directives in settings such as labs, clinical environments etc.

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