HOW(ever) & How2 Archive

Black and white painting of a typewriter.

The HOW(ever) & How2 Archive is a public digital humanities archive and scholarly resource for two linked, important journals of experimental feminist poetry HOW(ever) (print; 1983-1992) and How2 (digital; 1999-2008).  As an archive, this resource will present digital facsimiles and transcriptions of HOW(ever) and the original HTML site (with repairs) for How2.  As a scholarly resource, it will offer annotated, indexed, critical re-presentations of each journal using modern coding and design to improve searchability and navigation, and will include a critical apparatus of interviews and essays to place the journals in their historical and aesthetic contexts. We aim to attract a public readership and scholars conducting academic research.

Digital site forthcoming, Fall 2021.


Faculty Managing Editor: Judith Goldman, Associate Professor of English and Director of the Poetics Program

Faculty Advisor: Myung Mi Kim, Professor and James H. McNulty Chair of English

Faculty Advisor: Cristanne Miller, SUNY Distinguished Professor and Edward H. Butler Professor of English

Editor & Project Coordinator: Katie Naughton, Ph.D. candidate in English, Poetics focus

Programmer: Michael Chernoff, MFA student in Media Studies


This project is also supported by:

The James H. McNulty Chair of English

Humanities New York, Public Humanities Grant