Digital Collections and Exhibits


Sarah Cogley 
Digital Archivist 
University Libraries

Interest area(s): Digital Archiving, Digital Preservation

Primary research focus: Digital preservation as it relates to Special Collections unique primary source material.

Affiliated project(s): I am responsible for processing born digital primary source material for the University Libraries Special Collections including the Poetry Collection, Rare and Special Books, History of Medicine, and University Archives. I am actively engaged in digital preservation, policy creation, workflow development and staff training.

Potential area(s) of collaboration: I'm interested in learning about new software and tools and facilitating the donation and preservation of new special collections to the University Libraries.

Digital Collections and Exhibits

Kate Cunningham
Project Manager, Collections
University Libraries

Primary research focus: visual art history and theory

Digital Collections & Exhibits

Deborah Kane 
(716) 829-3779 
Marketing & Program Development 
School of Public Health and Health Professions

Interest area(s): Digital Exhibits

Primary research focus: I’m interested in using the digital experience as an art form

Digital Collections and Exhibits

Amanda Kennell
(716) 645-0765
Clinical Assistant Professor, Japanese Studies
Asian Studies
College of Arts and Sciences

Primary research focus: Contemporary Japanese visual culture

Affiliated project(s): A Youtube series on current research about contemporary culture; a study of art involving digital technologies

Potential areas of collaboration: Film production; grant writing; display/exhibition technologies; 3D scanning & printing

3-D Modelling & AR/VR; Artificial Intelligence; Data Mining, Analysis, & Visualization; Digital Collections & Exhibits; Digital Media

Andrew Lison
(716) 645-0946
Assistant Professor
Department of Media Study
College of Arts and Sciences

Primary research focus: Theory and History of Computing

Current DS project(s): New Media at the End of History (Computing in the late 1980s) / 100% Utilization (Sociocultural significance of the end of Moore's Law)

Potential areas of collaboration: Grant writing, building websites with static generators, collaborative pedagogy, programming, cryptography

Artificial Intelligence; Computing & Society; Digital Collections & Exhibits; Digital Media; Digital Pedagogy; Text Encoding & Analysis

Cody Mejeur
Visiting Assistant Professor of Game Studies
Media Study
College of Arts and Sciences

Current DS project(s): Visualizing queer games, trans video game, cognitive experiment with games

Primary research focus: Using new media and digital media to understand narrative and difference.

Potential areas of collaboration: Equity, diversity & inclusion, social/cognitive behavior, visualization work, grant writing

3-D Modelling & AR/VR; Computing & Society; Data Mining, Analysis, & Visualization; Digital Collections & Exhibits; Digital Media; Digital Pedagogy

Libby Otto
(716) 645-0523
Executive Director of the Humanities Institute
Associate Professor of Art History and Visual Studies
Global Gender and Sexuality Studies
College of Arts and Sciences

Interest area(s): Gender, Art, Visual Culture

3-D Modelling & AR/VR; Data Mining, Analysis, & Visualization; Digital Collections & Exhibits; Simulation & Modeling; Spatial Analysis; Text Encoding & Analysis

Lana Pasek 
(716) 829-2533 
Adjunct Instructor 
School of Nursing

Interest area(s): Digital Exhibits

Potential area(s) of collaboration: Being a PhD nursing student I am very interested in how to make my slides and posters interesting for presentation at professional conferences. Since attending I have utilized helpful ideas from the Digital Design presentations I have attended.

Digital Collections and Exhibits

Molly Poremski 
(716) 645-7750 
Humanities Librarian 
University Libraries

Interest area(s): Digital Humanities, Digital Collections, Text Encoding, Metadata

Digital Collections and Exhibits; Text Encoding and Analysis
(716) 645-0631
Associate Teaching Professor
Department of Music
College of Arts and Sciences

Primary research focus: Investigating the influence of music publishers (and the music business, more generally construed) upon the development of Western art music; the theoretical relationship between artistic circumstance and musical style; the Italian madrigal.

Potential areas of collaboration: A range of specialized analysis skills for digital projects with musical elements.

Data Mining, Analysis, & Visualization; Digital Collections & Exhibits