Our Mission

student hands on keyboard.

The UB Digital Scholarship Studio and Network (DSSN) provides ongoing collaborative, technical, curricular and coordinating assistance for faculty and students across the university who are building digital content and systems, bringing together potential research partners and creating new research opportunities especially for projects linking sciences, social sciences, arts and humanities. 

The DSSN was initiated through the collaborative proposal of UB librarian Jessica Clemons and SUNY Distinguished Professor Cristanne Miller, which received funding from the UB President’s Circle in the fall of 2018. The proposal was supported by the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS), the Libraries, and the Graduate School of Education. Simultaneously, the UB Libraries hosted two Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR) Postdoctoral Fellows, who coordinated workshops and discussion in the area of digital scholarship, and CAS made Digital Humanities one of its Strategic Initiatives. These (and other) events and initiatives were aligned as the DSSN began operation in 2019.  

Essential from its inception was that the DSSN serve the entire University at Buffalo community, providing a network of support for scholarly and research engagement. It receives ongoing assistance from the College of Arts and Sciences, the Libraries, the Graduate School of Education, and the Office of the Vice President for Research and Economic Development.

The DSSN does not provide standard IT support. For information about who you might contact for IT support in your areas, see Distributed IT Leadership: Colleges and Schools.  If you are looking for support or assistance for a digital research project that is not available through your college/school or through UBIT, please let us know about it. We may not be able to provide that assistance but we will help you think about other resources or ways to find funding for the support.