The UB Digital Scholarship Studio and Network provides ongoing collaborative, technical, curricular, and coordinating assistance for faculty and students across the university who are building digital content and systems, bringing together potential research partners and creating new research opportunities especially for projects linking sciences, social sciences, arts and humanities. 


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The University at Buffalo offers a Minor in Digital Humanities and a Graduate Certificate and Micro-credential in Professional Writing and Digital Communication.


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The DSSN serves as a network and platform to promote attention to the many projects in the area of Digital Scholarship ongoing at the University at Buffalo, and to help researchers coordinate with other faculty with similar interests in a research field.

Digital Scholarship

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Digital scholarship is the use of digital evidence, methods of inquiry, research, publication and preservation to achieve scholarly and research goals. It can encompass both scholarly communication using digital media and research on digital media. 


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Jacobs School of Medicine (JSMBS) researchers are looking for research collaborators, especially among humanists and social scientists, to address the needs of their patient populations and their families. If you are interested in potentially pivoting your research to focus on COVID-related issues, the Office of Research Advancement (ORA), JSMBS, and CAS have organized an opportunity to discuss your ideas and questions on Friday, May 8th at 10am. Register to participate at: RSVP for a Discussion of COVID19 Research Pivot Opportunities

NSF:, NSF is providing funds to study COVID-19 responses in the context of social media, at risk populations, social policy, education, family dynamics, in addition to more direct scientific studies viral evolution, epidemiology, transmission modes, and similar topics.

Proposals requested to host HASTAC 2020-2021 conference.

For listings of several DH fellowships, go to Digital Humanities Now,  Included on this page are well-known opportunities (ACLS fellowships) and others, such as: “New Storytellers: The Research Institute in Digital Ethnic Studies” at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln

American Philosophical Library welcomes applications for fellowships in the Digital Humanities: one-month fellowships ($3000) open to scholars at all stages of their careers.

NEH-Mellon Fellowships for Digital Publication, supporting individual scholars pursuing interpretive research projects that require digital expression and digital publication; t he project must be conceived as digital because the research topics being addressed and methods applied demand presentation beyond traditional print publication.  2020 application date has passed. Watch for posting of 2021 deadlines. $5000/month for 6-12 months.

*Research Institutes scheduled for summer 2020 are probably going virtual or being postponed.*