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October 11, 3:30-4:30. 

Nikolaus Wasmoen, "Project Development and Funding Resources for Digital Scholarship Projects." Hybrid. 

This workshop will explore how faculty can prepare to seek internal and external support for digital scholarship research projects, as well as some of the resources and forms of assistance available to them to get started. The first part of the workshop will examine some example digital scholarship grant programs, ranging from simple pilot grants that might be applied to as an individual to large national and international grants that require coordinating multiple collaborators, staff, administrators, and possibly other outside institutions or organizations. In the second part of the workshop, we will outline the main questions that a project director should consider in planning and designing their project, especially with regard to: building and organizing a project team; identifying the most appropriate sources or types of funding; leveraging existing infrastructure, expertise, and tools; and working with the multiple campus offices dedicated to supporting research and grant projects to complete and submit a competitive proposal. The talk will conclude with an open Q & A session to discuss project-specific issues participants may face, as well as to identify what types of support the DSSN and other groups at UB might best focus on building and helping to connect with faculty researchers.

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October 13, 10:15-5:30, Silverman Library 310

Digital Engagement with Endangered Languages and their Communities 

Erin Debenport, “Language Circulation and Control: Strategic Uses for Digital Technologies in Pueblo Reclamation Projects”

Eladio Mateo Toledo, “TZ'IB'MA: Phonemic digital keyboard in cell phones for Mayan languages”

Jesse Stewart, “Media Lengua in the Digital Age: A Journey of Preservation and Reclamation”

X̱'unei Lance Twitchell, “Replanting the Forests in Language Ecosystems”

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In conjunction with this symposium, we are hosting a research poster session during the lunch hour. We encourage those working broadly on topics related to endangered languages, especially but not exclusively in relation to Indigenous communities, from various disciplines—Humanities, Arts, Social Sciences, Physical Sciences, Education, and other professional schools—to submit their work. We will consider research from local communities and from UB undergraduates, graduates, post-docs, and beginning assistant professors. 

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November 01, 3:30-4:30.

How can Scholars at UB Inform and Build Data Infrastructures for Justice?:A Roundtable led by Lourdes Vera and Kenny Joseph. Hybrid.

This roundtable will showcase issues and topics that an emerging network of scholars at UB studying data justice and equity are tackling. As our lives and activities are increasingly turned into data and government policies driven by data in a manner that reproduces social injustices, data justice has emerged as a pertinent field in activism and scholarship. While some scholars are documenting harm from data, others are building tools and research approaches to better use and understand data to improve livelihoods. This especially happens in the classroom, with community partners, and in public policy. This session will provide an overview of this work at UB and involve a discussion of where we are going next.

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