Artificial Intelligence

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Amanda Kennell
(716) 645-0765
Clinical Assistant Professor, Japanese Studies
Asian Studies
College of Arts and Sciences

Primary research focus: Contemporary Japanese visual culture

Affiliated project(s): A Youtube series on current research about contemporary culture; a study of art involving digital technologies

Potential areas of collaboration: Film production; grant writing; display/exhibition technologies; 3D scanning & printing

3-D Modelling & AR/VR; Artificial Intelligence; Data Mining, Analysis, & Visualization; Digital Collections & Exhibits; Digital Media

Andrew Lison
(716) 645-0946
Assistant Professor
Department of Media Study
College of Arts and Sciences

Primary research focus: Theory and History of Computing

Current DS project(s): New Media at the End of History (Computing in the late 1980s) / 100% Utilization (Sociocultural significance of the end of Moore's Law)

Potential areas of collaboration: Grant writing, building websites with static generators, collaborative pedagogy, programming, cryptography

Artificial Intelligence; Computing & Society; Digital Collections & Exhibits; Digital Media; Digital Pedagogy; Text Encoding & Analysis
(716) 645-0678
Associate Professor
College of Arts and Sciences

Interest area: Digital Media Studies

Primary research focus: The rhetorical operation of machine learning algorithms

Potential areas of collaboration: experience architecture, Adobe creative cloud, augmented reality

3-D Modelling & AR/VR; Artificial Intelligence; Computing & Society; Data Mining, Analysis, & Visualization; Digital Media; Digital Pedagogy

Atri Rudra  
(716) 645-2464 
Associate Professor 
Computer Science 
School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

I prove mathematical theorems on powers of algorithms in areas of error-correcting code, databases and recently machine learning; I am interested in societal implications of computing (as it pertains to research as well as teaching). I am interested in collaborating with anything related to how humans interact with algorithm, so from the list above all of ethics, equity ad social/congnitive behavior

Artificial Intelligence, Computing and Society