Data Curation and Management

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Christopher Bosley 
Graduate Student 
College of Arts and Sciences

Primary research focus: Mental/emotional health of first responders; First responder identity

Potential area(s) of collaboration: I am most interested in learning about digital methodology; working with large datasets, qualitative analytical software for digital analysis

Data Curation and Management; Data Mining, Analysis and Visualization

Josh Gordon 
Assistant Librarian 
University Libraries

Interest area(s): Digital Repositories

Primary research focus: Develop processes for packaging and submitting government documents from UB's collection to HathiTrust

Affiliated project(s): Managing UB's contributions to the HathiTrust digital repository

Potential area(s) of collaboration: Seeking expertise in automation and programming that may assist with any aspect of the project

Data Curation and Management

Diane Schwartz  
Research Associate Professor
Department of Biomedical Informatics
Jacobs School of Medicine & Biomedical Sciences

Area(s) of interest: Education

Computing and Society; Data Curation and Management; Data Mining, Analysis, & Visualization