Alexander Reid

Associate Professor Alexander Reid.

Associate Professor
Coordinator, Professional Writing and Digital Communication Graduate Certificate

Office: 433 Clemens Hall
Phone number: (716) 645-0678
E-mail address:



digital media studies, rhetoric and composition, professional writing, game studies

Works in Progress

  • Composing Objects: A Speculative Rhetoric

Selected Publications

  • With Cheryl Emerson.“Integrative Learning and ePortfolio Networks.” ePortfolio-as-Curriculum: Diverse Models and Practices. Ed. Kathleeen Blake Yancey. Stylus 2019, 203-233.
  • “Composing with Deliberate Speed: Writing Humanities’ Future Sensorium.” Rhetorical Speculations: Emerging Technologies and the Future and Potential of Rhetoric. Ed. Scott Sundvall. Utah State Press 2019, 69-87.
  • “The Prospects and Regrets of an EdTech Gold Rush.”MOOCs and their Afterlives. Ed. Elizabeth Losh. Chicago: University of Chicago Press 2017, 227-240.
  • “Big Data Assemblies: Composing’s Nonhuman Ecology” Assembling Composition Eds. Kathleen Blake Yancey and Stephen J. McElroy. Carbondale, IL: Southern Illinois University 2017, 26-41.
  • “Digital Humanities Now and the Possibilities of a Speculative Digital Rhetoric” Rhetoric and the Digital Humanities. Eds. Jim Ridolfo and William Hart-Davidson. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2015, 15-20.
  • “The Activity of Writing: Affinity and Affect in Composition” First-Year Composition: From Theory to Practice. Eds. Deborah Coxwell-Teague and Ron Lunsford. Anderson, SC: Parlor Press 2014, 184-210.