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CII is devoted to the identification, amelioration, and combatting of dis- and mis-information that pollutes the public sphere.  Our members take on this existential threat from multidisciplinary approaches derived from fields as varied as history, literature, art, media study, information science, psychology, computer engineering, political science, geography, communication, law, and biomedical sciences.

AR/VR/MR Community of Practice

A new Community of Practice is being jointly organized by the Center for Educational Innovation and The University Libraries to explore and discuss the use of immersive environments in education. We believe this community will provide an opportunity for staff and faculty at all levels of experience and interest to come together and share ideas, network with colleagues, meet with vendors, and look at the possibilities of shaping the use and support of augmented, virtual and mixed realities at UB.

A new listserv called AR-VR-MR-L is available for the group. To join or signoff from the list, please visit http://listserv.buffalo.edu/cgi-bin/wa?SUBED1=ar-vr-mr-list&A=1

The mission of the Center is to advance the scientific underpinnings of biometric technologies for both civilian and homeland security applications by integrating pattern recognition and machine learning algorithms with sensors technology.

This guide provides a general introduction to the wide-ranging methods of digital scholarship, including information on tools and resources for digital projects and information about library services that support digital research and pedagogy.

Since its founding in 2005, the University at Buffalo’s Humanities Institute (HI) has quickly established itself as one of the most important entities supporting the humanities in Western New York.  Scholarship in the humanities helps us to question, comprehend, and transform an increasingly complex world.  The most intractable human problems cannot be solved from within a single discipline, but must be approached from a variety of perspectives. HI provides a forum for conversations among humanists of all disciplines.

NCGIA at Buffalo has focused its missions on excellence in GIScience research and provide services to UB and local communities. In addition to its international and national influence among research communities, the Center has established a research infrastructure on campus that links to a large number of departments within a number of schools.