Trans Folks Walking

Male figure on a bathroom door.

Trans Folks Walking is a 3D, first person narrative game made with Unity that explores experiences of trans embodiment, being, and mobility. The game currently puts players in several situations drawn from the experiences of trans folks in contemporary America, ranging from the everyday such as using the bathroom through the particular such as being trans in a Christian church. The game creates space for trans folks to share their stories and for players to experience small parts of what it means to be trans. The game is intentionally designed as an anthology of short experiences that will grow in collaboration with trans people and their communities.

Cody Mejeur is the project director for Trans Folks Walking and can be contacted at The game is being developed in collaboration with the Empathic Games Initiative in the Department of Media and Information at Michigan State University, where Ronny Ford is the project manager. They can be contacted at


Unity Game Engine for both Mac and PC


Project Director

Cody Mejeur, Assistant Professor, UB Media Study

Project Manager

Madison Ford, MA, English 

Artist: Wes Turner


Famous Clark, UB Media Study


Austin Wilson, Michigan State University

Grants and Funding

DSSN Enabling Grant, Empathic Games Initiative at Michigan State University (2018-2020)