Published October 28, 2016 This content is archived.

VHub: Collaborative volcano research and risk mitigation


VHub was created in 2010 to develop a virtual organization and community cyberinfrastructure for volcanology research and risk mitigation by the University at Buffalo, Michigan Technological University, and University of South Florida.  The overarching goal of VHub is to provide a mechanism for globally collaborative research and development of computational models of volcanic processes and their integration with complex geospatial, observational, and experimental data.  VHub promotes seamless accessibility of appropriate models and data to organizations around the world charged with assessing and reducing risk, reaching across resource levels and cultural boundaries.

VHub is funded by NSF award  0940831 (PI: Greg Valentine) and utilizes the Hubzero software platform developed by Purdue for creating dynamic web sites that support scientific research and educational activities.  VHub currently serves over 950 users on five continents.

PI: Greg Valentine
CO-I: Matt Jones, Steve Gallo, Eliza Calder, Marcus Bursik