Steve Gallo

Steve Gallo

Lead Software Engineer / Database Administrator

Steve has been with the Center for Computational Research since 2002. 

Areas of Support:

Software Engineering:

CCR has the expertise to apply software engineering techniques to the development of scientific tools that facilitates sound development practices and lowers the cost of long term software maintenance. CCR's staff can also provide software project management services and continuity to projects as students graduate and new students join research groups.

  • Software Project Management and Lifecycle Management
  • Software Requirements Gathering (including identification of stakeholders)
  • Software Specification Writing
  • Software Test Plans
  • Iterative Design Methods incorporating user feedback



The software group has extensive expertise designing and implementing a wide variety of applications using a number of design paradigms and toolkits as well as knowledge of data structures that are necessary to efficiently process large amounts of information.

  • Graphical User Interfaces (GUI)
  • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Web Services
  • Web Portal Development
  • Client-Server Architecture
  • Multiple Programming Languages (C/C++, Perl, PHP, Java, JavaScript, FORTRAN)
  • Markup-Languages (XML, SGML, HTML, etc.)
  • Algorithm Optimization
  • Database Integration


Database Design:

CCR supports several research groups and manages datasets including billions of rows and terabytes of data.

  • Data Modeling and Schema Development
  • Database Systems Management
  • Data Warehousing
  • Oracle
  • MySQL


Grid Computing:

CCR staff is actively involved in many aspects of grid computing. For more information, see the CCR Grid computing page.

Selected Supported Research Projects

  • REDfly: A curated collection of known Drosophila transcriptional cis-regulatory modules.
  • AAHSL Portal: A web-based portal for the collection, analysis, and presentation of electronic data collected via a survey of United States and Canadian academic health sciences libraries.
  • Gamma Knife: The Gamma Knife procedure serves as an effective alternative to conventional neurosurgery or traditional radiation therapy in the treatment of certain brain disorders.
  • New York State Grid (NYSGrid): An advanced collaborative technological infrastructure that supports and enhances the research and educational missions of institutions in New York State.
  • Open Science Grid (OSG): OSG brings together computing and storage resources from campuses and research communities into a common, shared grid infrastructure over research networks via a common set of middleware.
  • Grid Support Center: Supporting grid computing throughout New York State
  • IMNEGEN: Collaboration with the National Institute of Genomic Medicine of Mexico to establish a framework for scientific collaboration between IMNEGEN and UB with a particular emphasis on bioinformatics, technological development and commercialization of products, as well as services that result from scientific research.
  • Center for Relationship Marketing: Developing and applying new methods and tools to help enterprises create and capture values in the marketplace.
  • WNYCHIP: Developing a community-wide consensus about the need for a WNY Healthcare Information Exchange system, as well as the structure it will take and its governance.
  • Web portal development
  • High availability application services
  • Scalable support for large matrices in R
  • Grid enabling of user applications
  • University at Buffalo campus Condor flock


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