Globus High Speed Data Transfer Service Now Available for all of UB!

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Published March 25, 2024

In partnership with the University at Buffalo central IT services (UBIT), and the office of the Vice President for Research, CCR is happy to announce the Globus service is available for all UB faculty, staff, and students

Moving your data quickly and securely

Gigabytes, terabytes, petabytes—research data is large and distributed. Globus lets you efficiently, securely, and reliably transfer data directly between systems separated by an office wall or an ocean.

CCR users have been utilizing the Globus data transfer service for more than 5 years to move their data to CCR's systems or share it with their collaborators.  However, this service was previously only available to CCR users.  Thanks to a large effort by members of the UBIT team and the office of the Vice President for Research, this service is now available to everyone at UB.

Globus provides a secure, fast, and reliable way to move large amounts of data.  Your transfers can be encrypted and use multiple concurrent streams to provide faster transfers than standard file transfer protocols.  They're also completely stress-free thanks to the fault tolerance built into the service.  Any transfers that fail are resubmitted automatically and you'll receive a report at the end of the transfer confirming the data integrity.  

Using the Globus Personal Connect client,  anyone at UB can move and access their data securely between their personal devices or lab machines to OneDrive and UB Box.  IT teams at UB can use Globus to set up their own endpoints for their departments to access storage devices they manage. 

Accessing CCR data through Globus

CCR users have access to their home, project, and global scratch storage spaces through the CCR managed endpoints (or collections).  These are also available in OnDemand's Files app or by using the Globus command line interface (CLI).  The Globus CLI offers powerful tools to easily automate and schedule data transfers.  Want to backup your CCR data regularly without thinking about it?  Check out the Globus CLI toolkit

Globus simplifies data sharing

Globus allows you to share your files from CCR systems directly.  There is no need to copy your files somewhere else to share them. You simply create a guest collection and add your collaborators to the access list using only their email address.

Globus is a reliable, hardened service used by hundreds of institutions worldwide for the movement and management of research data.  Thank you to UBIT and the VPRED for making this service available to the entire UB community!

For detailed information, check out the Globus documentation linked under the "Related Links" section.