Welcome to CCR!  Our support staff is comprised of HPC specialists, computational scientists, system administrators, programmers, and database experts.  Staff are available to help users of all levels.  We recommend you check out the searchable documentation that includes account and access information, running jobs on the clusters, answers to frequently asked questions, detailed software usage information, and much more.  You can also use the red Support tab to your left of this window to search the knowledgebase or submit a question to our IT team.  Our goal is to provide outstanding, timely service to aid your research and development.

Research Facilities

CCR provides nearly 1 P/Flop of hardware resources for general research computing at UB.  Many faculty members also house specialty equipment at CCR to capitalize on the HPC expertise of the staff and state-of-the-art data center.

New User Info

Are you a new CCR user?  Welcome!  We offer a wide range of services and resources to UB researchers.  Below are just a few links to important topics most new users have questions about.  If your question isn't answered, you can search our knowledgebase or submit a help ticket using the blue Support tab to your left.

Popular Help Articles

Below is a list of the most frequently searched topics in our knowledgebase.  If what you're looking for isn't here, use the blue Support tab to your left to search the knowledgebase or submit a help ticket for assistance.

Training Resources

Workshops, graduate level courses, online presentations, and step-by-step instructions are all available to CCR users to help maximize the high performance clusters and minimize the startup effort for our users.  CCR also offers an annual summer workshop for high school students.