Tiled Display Wall.

CCR staff members use the large tiled display wall to collaborate on a bioinformatics project.

CCR is more than just a supercomputing center.  It has been our goal since CCR was formed in 1998 to not only enable research at UB but also support our local economy and provide educational outreach to local schools.  CCR has hosted annual workshops for high school students in a variety of topics including computer programming, bioinformatics, and computer visualization.  We support computational intensive courses offered at UB in fields such as Computer Science & Engineering, Bioinformatics, and Chemistry.  We have developed industrial partnerships with many local companies to help aid in their business development and now offer a cluster just for local industrial clients.  We also collaborate with our collegues in the high performance computing field and have been at the forefront of the development of open source tools for use by HPC centers to provide quantitative and qualitative metrics relevant to HPC.  For more in depth information about what we offer, please check out the links below.

For additional information on these services or how CCR can help facilitate your research, please contact us.