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CCR is committed to providing opportunities for students at both the undergraduate and graduate level to get hands-on experience in high performance computing. We also offer many annual activities for middle and high school-aged students.

How we support students of all levels:

University students: graduate & undergraduate levels

We do not accept request for accounts from students.  In order to get access to CCR resources, you must either be working for a UB faculty member or taking a class that requires access.  If you meet one of these requirements, please create yourself an account using our self-service portal ( Step-by-step instructions for the account creation process  can be found in our help portal

Once your CCR account has been created, please let your faculty sponsor or professor know.  They must then add you to their project in our subscription management portal, Coldfront.  Instructions for how to do this can be found in our knowledgebase.  Although we now offer users the ability to create a CCR account for themselves, we must verify a new user's status before allowing them access to CCR resources.  This is done when a faculty member adds the user to a project and gives them access to a resource subscription.  Faculty can do this 24 hours a day; however, it is your responsibility to contact your sponsor and request that he/she adds you to their project.

Once you've been added to their project and at least one subscription to a resource (server, cluster, cloud, etc), you will be able to login to that resource.  You can login to Coldfront to see what you have access to.

Documentation for how to use our systems can be found in our searchable knowledgebase.

All users must comply with the UB Computing Usage Policy.

Middle and high school students

CCR offers several opportunities for motivated high school students.  Every summer CCR offers a two week workshop in computational science to students who have completed their first year of high school.  Topics in the past have included computational chemistry, scientific visualization, and bioinformatics.  CCR staff work with faculty and staff from various departments at UB, Roswell Park Cancer Institute, and Hauptman-Woodward Medical Research Institute to provide an array of activities, tours, and presentations to engage and excite students.  Often, students who have completed the workshop come back to work summers at CCR for the duration of high school and sometime through their college years!

Each year CCR participates in this open house event for 7-12th grade students and their parents.  Held annually in April or May, the event offers the opportunity for students to tour facilities, labs, and departments all over the medical campus and hear from experts at BNMC institutions.  The event is free but space is limited and has quickly filled the last two years.  So keep your eyes peeled on their website for this year's announcement and register early!

CCR can occasionally accept outstanding, upper level, high school students for programming summer internships (unpaid) or employment (paid).  You must be able to provide examples of previous programming work and grades in any programming classes previously taken.  We will also require letters of recommendation from teachers.  Please contact us well in advance (early-mid spring) to discuss opportunities for the upcoming summer.  If you have not already participated in the high school workshop, we encourage you to do so.  Many of our workshop graduates continue on with us in subsequent summers.

As ambassadors for high performance computing technology and computational science, CCR routinely provides tours for middle and high school classes and technology clubs. In addition, K-12 teachers, scouts, and a wide variety of citizen groups have visited our facility.  CCR staff are always happy to describe the role CCR plays in research, scholarship, and industrial technology to interested groups.  For more information on this, please have your adult teacher or leader contact us.