Research Experience for Students

CCR has an on-going program that provides students with advanced training in software engineering and computational science while employing them to work on a wide range of active research projects.   Students not only gain valuable experience working in a state-of-the-art research environment as part of a team, often applying knowledge in their chosen fields, but also utilize new technologies, including advanced software engineering, database design, parallel computing, and interface development.  Over the summer, students also take part in a series of specialized workshops that expose them to many useful topics ranging from basic Unix command line tools and debugging techniques, to urban visualization and databases.  These topics, often outside of the students’ area of expertise, are designed to introduce them to advanced computational methods.  The end of the summer culminates with a short presentation by each student describing the research project they worked on and their role in it. Please contact us for additional information.

Examples of Past Projects Include:

Funding to support this program comes from several sources, including the NSF Research Experience for Undergraduate program, on-going research grants, and internal CCR funds.