CCR experts help explain data.

CCR staff provide technical support and research assistance to UB faculty, staff, and students and their collaborators.  CCR also provides high performance computing and visualization resources for use by local business and industrial partners.

As a part of its mission to enable research and scholarship at UB, CCR provides a wide range of consulting services in areas that include parallel computing, software engineering, scientific and medical visualization, bioinformatics, data analytics, and cluster management. In addition, the software engineering group have extensive experience in custom software development, including GUI and web-based interfaces.

For many consultations, there is no charge for these services.  For more involved or longer term projects, often times faculty build support into the research proposal to external funding agencies.  For additional information on these services or how CCR can help facilitate your research, please email us at ccr-help @ or fill out the form on the contact us page

  • Training
    CCR staff provide a wide variety of training, including maintaining extensive online documentation and hosting workshops. Topics include fundamentals of parallel computing, introduction to CCR, debugging and profiling tools, bioinformatics resources,etc. Individual and group training sessions/workshops are also available upon request.
  • Scientific Computing & Modeling
    CCR staff provide consulting on all aspects of parallel computing, including software development, parallel computing architecture design, cluster management, parallel file systems, and high-speed networks. Specific areas of expertise include parallel algorithm development, advanced software profiling and debugging tools, message passing (MPI) and shared memory (OpenMP) based parallel computing, performance tuning, scientific programming, and Linux based cluster management. A course on high-performance computing is also offered. 
  • Software Engineering
    CCR's software engineering group supports a wide variety of scientific disciplines on a number of development platforms (including Linux, PC, Web-based software) and maintains expertise in a number of programming languages including C, C++, Java, PHP, Perl, Python, and Fortran, among others. Expertise includes all aspects of software engineering including software stakeholder identification, generation of software requirements, design and implementation of code, testing, and iterative design. In addition, CCR supports machine architecture design, algorithm development and optimization, database engineering, GUI interface design, security, web portal design.
  • Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence
    CCR provides support for all aspects of data analytics including support for analysis of large datasets and applications of artificial intelligence (machine learning) to all areas of research.  CCR also supports advanced database design including customized database schema design, import and normalization of data, query optimization, data warehousing, database server specification, custom web-based access to hosted data, and hosting & administration.
  • Bioinformatics
    Bioinformatics resources at CCR currently provide users with access to enterprise level genomics packages and software for DNA and protein sequence analysis, database search, gene expression analysis, biological pathway analysis, statistical computing, and inferring phylogenies. In addition to access to software packages, CCR staff, who have extensive expertise in bioinformatics, provide researchers with detailed data analysis support as well as custom software design.
  • Visualization
    CCR has a diverse and extensive capability in scientific, medical, and urban visualization that is available to support faculty led research projects including:
  • Collaborate on Research Proposals
    We understand research is one of your primary duties and submitting high quality proposals for funding opportunities is a necessity.  These are some ways we can support you in that endeavor: 
  • Cluster Management
    The staff at CCR has developed extensive experience designing, building, and maintaining Linux-based clusters consisting of tens to thousands of processors. This includes all aspects of cluster technology, such as high-speed interconnects, advanced networking, storage area networks, parallel file systems, batch queuing software, and fault tolerant services. This service provides faculty with a distinct advantage of owning their own hardware for their group to run on but not having to deal with the logistics and technical aspects of installing or maintaining it.  You are leveraging CCR's staff expertise as well as a data center infrastructure that's built for high performance computing.  Currently CCR maintains hardware and software for a wide variety of research areas, including Chemistry, Computational Biology, Genomics, Physics, and various Engineering disciplines.