Cluster Management

The staff at CCR has developed extensive experience designing, building, and maintaining Linux-based clusters consisting of tens to thousands of processors. This includes all aspects of cluster technology, such as high-speed interconnects, advanced networking, storage area networks, parallel file systems, batch queuing software, and fault tolerant services. This service provides faculty with a distinct advantage of owning their own hardware for their group to run on but not having to deal with the logistics and technical aspects of installing or maintaining it.  You are leveraging CCR's staff expertise as well as a data center infrastructure that's built for high performance computing.  Currently CCR maintains hardware and software for a wide variety of research areas, including Chemistry, Computational Biology, Genomics, Physics, and various Engineering disciplines.

What CCR provides:

  • CCR staff will help you develop specifications for specialized services such as: dedicated computing resources, large amounts of storage, and HPC consulting.  We will work with our vendor contacts to procure quotes for your hardware requirements.  NOTE: Quotes from vendors can take a significant period of time, of which we can not control.  Please give us ample time to procure these for you.
  • CCR staff physically install the equipment in our data center, install the operating system and all necessary software, and configure the servers to work within the batch scheduling system.  Your group members are given priority access to these nodes at all times.
  • CCR staff are responsible for repairing broken hardware and consulting with the hardware vendor when problems occur.

More details about this service can be found in our help portal

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