Welcome New CCR User!

We're glad you're here and want to make your use of our resources successful!  Below is a short list of info you'll need to get started quickly:

On this page:

By far, the most useful resource available to users is the CCR searchable knowledgebase.  Users will find information about our resources, software documentation, frequently asked questions, and tutorials.  If you're unable to find an answer in the knowledgebase, you can create a help ticket to ask for assistance

How can I tell what I have access to?

CCR offers computational resources such as high performance clusters, network attached storage, a research cloud (similar to Amazon or Google clouds), and much more.  If you are unsure what you have access to, you can view the allocations your account is associated with by logging into our allocation management system, ColdFront.  This will show you what projects your have access to and what resources those projects have allocations for.


What is my username?

If you are a member of the UB community (faculty, staff, or student), your CCR username is the same as your UBID.  For example, if your email address is jsmith@buffalo.edu, then your UBID & CCR username would be 'jsmith'   If you are not affiliated with UB, please submit a help ticket to find out what your CCR username is.


How do I login? Where do I login?

Because CCR offers access to many resources, how you login will depend on what you want to login to.

Training & Workshops

Before beginning to use CCR resources, we strongly encourage users go through the tutorials found here:

For everyone using the CCR clusters, we highly recommend the Introduction to CCR Cluster workshop presented periodically throughout the year.  For registration and more information, click below:

What Next?

Now that you know what you have access to, know how to login to those resources, and have gone through the introductory tutorials or attended an intro workshop, you can begin using CCR for your research!  Check out these links for more information: