Latest News

CCR is hard at work expanding the supercomputing capacity at the University at Buffalo, thanks to two grants.
CCR is pleased to introduce the OnDemand web portal for easy access to UB's academic high performance computing cluster
CCR will again be hosting The Eric Pitman Annual Summer Workshop in Computational Science for high school students this summer. The workshop runs from June 25 - July 6, 2018.
CCR staff members rapidly worked to secure the CCR servers as soon as security patches were released to address the Intel vulnerabilities nicknamed Meltdown and Spectre.  After patching the development systems, our scientists quickly jumped into measurement mode where they worked to identify the possible effects on performance caused by the kernel patching.  Popular scientific applications and HPC benchmarks were used in the testing.  A research paper on initial findings was written and then featured on HPC Wire, a publication dedicated to the field of high performance computing.  A larger scale analysis is being conducted since the production clusters have been patched.
The Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus is hosting the 2017 Topcoder Open - the ultimate programming and design tournament - October 21-24
HUBzero Foundation newsletter spotlights work done at CCR supporting a virtual data infrastructure and volcano research
CCR is pleased to offer the Lake Effect Research Cloud to all faculty, staff, students and collaborators at the University at Buffalo.