Institute for Computational and Data Sciences

ICDS is a partnership between UB’s Computational Data Sciences (CDSE) program and UB’s Center for Computation Research (CCR). ICDS was formed to better respond to the demand for skilled workers who can thrive in the rapidly evolving fields of information technology and data science.

Our Programs


Who is this for?

Professionals and others who are looking to update their skills.

Modules are training sessions on current skills and core knowledge needed to analyze complex data and new technologies, such as deep learning and blockchain. The modules will be stackable into certificates and degrees.

Duration:  Modules are approximately 9-15 hours. They can be completed in a 9 hour weekend or 5 x 3 hour week-long sessions.
Admission Requirements: Academic Credit requires undergraduate degree.


Duration: 14 - 15 hours
Certificates are ensembles of modules in market-oriented focus areas. Modules are stackable to achieve a certificate.

Master's Degrees

Master's of Engineering Science (Data Science)

Who is this for?

For engineering and natural/mathematical science students.

This MS degree trains students in theory and practice of data, computing and analysis. Students complete coursework, data science application survey class, and a project.

Duration: The degree can be completed in 1 year, although 1.5 years provides for normal progression. Classes are held in the Fall, Spring and Summer semesters.

Admission Requirements: Admission requires an undergraduate degree in engineering or natural sciences with some prior knowledge of mathematics, statistics and computing.

Master's of Professional Studies (Data Sciences and Applications)

Who is this for?

For students of ALL majors interested in data sciences and applications skills.

This Master's of Professional Studies (MPS) degree is skills-oriented and trains in the practice of data, computing and analysis. Students complete coursework, data science application survey class and a project.

Duration: The program can be completed in one calendar year of study in an intensive program or a more standard four semesters of full-time study.  

Admissions Requirements: Admission requires undergraduate degree with some knowledge of math, statistics and computing. Bridge classes will be available to preparing students for the coursework.

Doctorate of Philosophy: Computational and Data-Enabled Sciences and Engineering (CDSE)

Who is this for?

For students of ALL backgrounds who have a Master’s degree.

This interdisciplinary PhD program trains students to analyze big and complex data using high end computing and mathematically sound methodology.  

Duration: This is a full-time degree that requires the completion of 72 credit hours. Program can be part-time or full-time.
Fellowship and research/teaching assistantships are available.

Admissions Requirements: Admission requires a Master’s degree in ANY field.