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This collection of resources is designed for UB faculty and staff to easily implement career preparation within the academic curriculum or on-campus job and internship work. These include on-demand learning, lesson outlines, and recommended assignments to reinforce student learning outcomes, plus tools, templates, and blog resources that can be shared with students to offer opportunities for self-guided career design.

Assigning career readiness work as part of the public health curriculum.

“Career core competencies fit really naturally into my coursework. Students learn how to apply course theories to their future work, and how to talk about that knowledge in an interview. In teaching, we care about transparency—and these resources underscore why we’re learning what we’re learning.”

- Jessica Kruger, PhD, MCHES

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On-demand resources for faculty & staff

Plug-n-play learning Blogs Activities & downloads

This on-demand learning series is designed to connect classroom or on-campus job learning to the working world. These 10-15 minute online webinars cover a variety of career readiness topics with an outline and activities/action steps and can be integrated directly into your curriculum or work-study assignments.

The goal for the on-demand learning

These webinars will help students:

  • Get prepared for the working-world
  • Gain knowledge about career interests
  • Identify their skills and career competencies
  • Provide easy access to career resources and tools
  • Build confidence in themselves

How to use on-demand learning

UB Faculty and staff can implement career on-demand learning in a few different ways:

  • Faculty can use the webinars as assignments in their classes on UBLearns
  • Students can complete webinars on their own to practice the topic associated with each topic
  • Learning can be executed in classrooms or skillshops by the Career Design Center staff

▶️ On-demand learning

This curated library of webinars covering a variety of career readiness topics can be embedded directly into your curriculum.

Career communities

Screenshot of the "Career Communities" video.

Video Length: 10 minutes

Career readiness

Screenshot of the "Career Readiness Competencies" video.

Video Length: 9 minutes

Making professional friends

Screenshot of the "Making Professional Connections" video.

Video Length: 7 minutes

All about resumes

Screenshot of the "Resume" video.

Video Length: 16 minutes

Online profiles + professional branding

Screenshot of the "Online profiles, professional reputation and brand" PowerPoint presentation.

Writing cover letters

Screenshot of the "Cover Letter" video.

Video Length: 14 minutes

Job + internship search strategies

Screenshot of the "Job and Internship Search Strategies" video.

Video Length: 12 minutes

Interviewing skills

Screenshot of the "Interviews" video.

Video Length: 11 minutes

Job offers + salary negotiations

Screenshot of the "Job Offers and Salary Negotiations" video.

Video Length: 15 minutes

Add these to your courses

You can embed any of these on-demand learning resources into your own courses! Enroll in UBLearns to start.

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