What should you wear to an interview? What questions should you ask? Do you have to send a thank-you note? We’re here to help you be prepared and get the job or internship that’s right for you.

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What You Should Do


Research the organization and incorporate what you know into your responses. Tell the interviewer something they didn’t think you’d know!

Review the job

Review the responsibilities and make sure you can match your experiences and skills to what is required.

Tailor your resume to reflect the position description.

Review your resume

Be prepared to discuss experiences and projects that are on your resume.


Think of possible questions with your responses on an index card. 


Practice makes perfect! Practice your responses out loud.


Think "sharp, but conservative." Choose a classic blazer, dress shirt and pants or skirt.

What's Next

Put your game face on and impress employers during your interview.



Practice Your Interview Style

Create a practice interview session on InterviewStreaman online video interviewing tool, and practice at home.

What You Should Wear

Keep the colors basic with black, blue, gray and white when choosing a classic blazer, dress shirt and coordinating pants or skirt. This will show you mean business.





Map Out Directions Ahead of Time

Take the time before your interview, to get directions and even practice finding your interview location. There's nothing worse than looking sharp but showing up late because you got lost on the way to the interview.

Interviewing with Employers On Campus

Interview with an employer right in 259 Capen Hall. Need to know how to find an on campus interview slot?

Discover which employers are interviewing on campus in Bullseye powered by Handshake.

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