The Career Design Center hosts a pop-up event in April 2023 to help first-generation students practice networking skills and make connections with UB faculty and staff that are also first-generation alums.

An interview is your moment to be confident and tell an employer why you can do the job or internship better than the rest. We’re here to help you be prepared and get the job or internship that’s right for you.

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What You Should Do

Before During After


Smile, have a firm handshake, sit up straight, make eye contact and nod your head to show that you're listening. These are top ways to keep the interviewers loving you. 

Answer completely

Make your answers accurate, brief and as interesting as possible. Try to stay on topic.

Be specific

Focus on your role/part in the situation and specifically what action steps you took.

Think STAR.  ⭐️

Thoughtful questions

"Do you have any questions for us?" This is your opportunity to show how interested you are in the position.

Next steps

Find out what their next steps are in the interviewing process and when they might occur.

Express Thanks

Thank the interviewer for their time and interest in you. Also, thank anyone else who helped you on the way out.

What's Next

Remind the employers why you'd be a good fit for the position by sending a thank you note.

Tips to Help Prepare for an Interview

Tools & Resources

Big Interview

Practice at home! Create a practice interview session on Big Interviewan online video interviewing tool.

*This online tool is free when you register with your UB email address.

Practice Interview Appointment

Practice your interview style with a pro. Schedule a practice interview appointment in Bullseye powered by Handshake with one of our career experts.

Sign in to Bullseye powered by Handshake to make an appointment.

Career Design Studio

You'll find advice, resources and tools all together to help you prepare for and ace your interview with an employer.

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