Explore your career options, build new skills and meet people who can help you find a job. While most of our events are designed to help students advance their careers, we also offer events for faculty, staff, employers and UB alumni.

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Finding that job or company that launches your career is just as important as discovering your favorite restaurant or next selfie spot when designing your life after college. 
The largest fair for 2,000+ science, technology, engineering and math students and 100+ employers talking opportunities and company fit, held in the fall.
Occupational and physical therapy students and employers talk about career paths and open positions. Held annually in late October.
Meet UB alumni and get real-world advice while making connections that may lead to your next job or internship opportunity.
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From large career fairs to company tours, get real-time event and fair information here. 

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Here is where you'll build skills needed for today's job market. 

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It's all about the employer. Get the latest info. and connect with recruiters at top companies.

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