Six UB students holding Career Community pennants.

Career Communities

It doesn't matter your major or your background. Find a community (or two) that fits you. There's no limit to how many communities you can join + you can change your mind at any time.

This is how, together, we discover what you love to do. ðŸ’™

Designed by you for you.

We know figuring out what you want to do with your life can be overwhelming. So we’ve created a less stressful way to design what’s next for you.

In Career Communities, you'll get:

Personal Guides

Get supported by a network of like-minded community members, UB alumni and mentors sharing advice, inspiration, motivation and ideas for your career journey.

Exclusive invitations

Career community only events to connect with UB alumni and employers with the next best job + internship opportunities.

Tools for every step of the way.

A career + life design toolkit recommends ways to discover how your major can lead to more opportunities.

Find your community

There are six different Career Communities you can join in Connect-a-Bull.

Arts, Design, Entertainment + Communications 🎨

Do you have an appreciation for the arts and all it’s beauty? Or have you found a creative niche that you’d like to share with the world? Here, you can find inspiration around every corner. Sparking curiosity with meaningful expressions through art, design, music, dance, writing, film, theater and performance.

Data, Analytics, Technology + Engineering ⚙️

Do you like tackling complex problems through analysis, design and investigation? ✅ Connecting research and data to come up with real-world solutions? ✅ This community will help you find your inner trailblazer and the support to lead the charge. ✅ ✅

Government, Law, International Affairs + Policy ⚖️

Is justice, leadership, equality and serving the public's interest important to you? This community is for like-minded people focusing on affecting change at the local, state, federal and international levels.

Healthcare, Public Health, Life + Lab Sciences 💙

Save a life. Prevent diseases; prolong life while promoting human health. This community will support your desire to heal, educate and utilize science + technology to make an impact on the diagnosis and prevention of diseases. Does this sound like you?

Management, Sales, Consulting + Finance 📈

Think strategically. Lead, challenge and support others to attain their business and financial goals.  By joining this community, you'll connect with people that have the innovation and expertise to forecast trends that can change in the blink of an eye. So be ready to lead others while building relationships in this fast-paced community. Does this sound like you? Do you like to be challenged?

Nonprofit, Education + Social Impact 🤲

You, me, us. Together we can make a social and economic impact. In this community, explore how to teach and help others, creating change for society's greatest challenges. Join other like-minded people to explore how to make a difference.

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