A new kind of design competition where students compete to get an exclusive opportunity to have recruiters pitch their companies to them.


Have an interest in Finance or Technology? 

FinTech Switch is a new kind of design competition focused on the financial technology industry with two opportunities to show off skills to recruiters.

For Student Competitors For FinTech Employers

Industry on the Rise

Technology has changed everything, and emerging industries like FinTech (financial technology) have skyrocketed. 🚀

Show off your skills

In this 7-week competition, you’ll work either independently or build a team to design ways to solve a challenge the FinTech industry is facing. 

During the competition, show off your skills to recruiters and industry experts and unlock your spot at an exclusive meetup. Conduct research, develop ideas and refine your solutions with feedback from Switch Coaches, a group of industry experts made of employers, alumni, faculty + venture coaches from UB Blackstone LaunchPad & Techstars.

Feedback Week


Schedule sessions with Switch Reactors during Feedback Week. This is your opportunity to get feedback from real experts in the FinTech industry to improve your final proposal before submitting it for the Switch Coaches and the public to vote on.


The voting will open to Switch Coaches and the public to vote on their favorites. Yes, we said voting is opened to the public. So, tap into your connections and have everyone you know to vote for you!

Switch Meetup

Participants will get an exclusive invitation to attend the virtual FinTech Switch Meetup. There, recruiters will compete to talk to you one-on-one about your final proposal, their company and the available opportunities they might have for you!