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More than 90 percent of recruiters use online profiles such as those found on Bullseye powered by Handshake and LinkedIn when hiring. Online profiles also allow you to manage your professional online identity, build your network, discover opportunities and view the profiles of professionals in your field.

Why You Need an Online Profile

Employers are actively searching for you by using keywords that are in your profile. Two places you need to have profiles are Bullseye powered by Handshake and LinkedIn. Other benefits online profiles offer include:

  • Research work industries.
  • View company cultures that interest you.
  • Get personal job and internship recommendations sent right to your inbox.
  • Build your online presence.
  • Plus showcase your achievements.

What to Put On Your Online Profile

Your online profile is your virtual “resume.” So build your profile to look like it. Add details like your education, skills, projects and previous experiences.

Here are some typical sections to include:

Profile Picture: A good profile picture can get you up to 21x more views. It's also helps people recognize you – making it even easier to connect you to new opportunities.

Hint: Pop-in to 259 Capen Hall and get your professional selfie done.

Education: List your degrees, majors, minors, study abroad and/or any other relevant training/opportunities.

Note: In Bullseye powered by Handshake, your education and GPA gets automatically uploaded by the UB Office of the Registrar.

Educations Example:

University at Buffalo, The State University of New York

Master of Art, Major, Graduation Month 20XX
Bachelor of Arts or Science, Major, Graduation Month 20XX

Experience: Any employment, internships, significant campus leadership offices, volunteer work and class/research projects.

  • Explain what were your key tasks and outcomes/results by using bullet points and action words.
  • Avoid passive phrasing such as “duties include,” “responsible for” or “project was completed by using.”
  • Quantify information by including numbers, percentages and dollar amounts.

Experience Example:

Human Services Experience
Kids 1st Therapy
, Getzville, New York    April-July 20XX

  • Observed up to 15 therapy sessions every week with licensed therapist
  • Studied sessions in which therapist utilized Lidcombe Therapy techniques 

Skills: Use this section to highlight skills that are specifically related to the job/internship you are seeking.

Hint: You can see a list some important skills to highlight that employers are seeking.

Skills Example:

Public Speaking, Customer Service, AutoCAD, C++, Microsoft Office, Leadership, Written Communications, and Critical Thinking

Hint: Bullseye powered by Handshake and LinkedIn make it easy for you to select and choose skills from a list.

Projects: Projects that you did in class that are related to your major/career interest. In the description:

  • Write a brief summary of the project.
  • Concisely demonstrate your skills and knowledge.
  • Integrate other skills when communicating specific accomplishments.
  • Include your individual contributions and outcomes.
  • Supply a URL link to the project, if possible.

Relevant Projects Example:

Project Name: Marketing Plan
September 20XX - November 20XX

Perform situation analysis to determine relevant details about potential market share and target audience on social media and through targeted marketing. I identify opportunities and challenges based on analysis to begin developing measurable objectives, strategies and implementing media plans.

Accomplishments: Add any of the following accomplishments to your profile to grab the attention of more employers.

  • Courses - list coursework to help show your skills.
  • Publications - list your noteworthy published work.
  • Certifications - shows your qualifications.
  • Honors & Awards - feature the recognition you've earned.
  • Organizations - show your involvement with any extracurriculars like clubs, sports, leadership roles and/or volunteering.

Accomplishment Example:

Organization Name: UB Club Hockey
Position: Captain
Dates: August 20XX - Present
Description: Organize and lead weekly practices for team of 15. Studied practice schedules and modified practices to simulate competition, while communicating with players and encouraging them in order to develop team chemistry.

Tips From The Experts

When writing for an online profile, you can use the same expert resume and CV tips.

Tips to help your profile stand out:

Bullseye powered by Handshake

  • Upload an appropriate photoHint: Try to make the background of your photo of something related to your field of interest, if possible.
  • Complete your Bullseye powered by Handshake profile. Hint: Bullseye powered by Handshake will help you get started!
  • Show off you personality when writing your "Get To Know Me" section.
  • Make your profile "public" so employers can find you and reach out to you about great jobs or internships.


  • Upload an appropriate photoHint: Try to make the background of your photo of something related to your field of interest, if possible.
  • Customize your LinkedIn URL. Use your first and last name without spaces. (e.g.,
  • Update your “Headline” and “Summary” to explain who you are (what you study) and what type of position you're seeking.
  • Add your top three skills that are related to your career interests.

Tips to maximize your online profile

Once you have an award winning online profile, it's time to put it to work. Take advantage of each platform has to offer.

Bullseye powered by Handshake

  • Upload your resume to make applying to jobs or internships easier.
  • Complete your profile with at least one skill, work experience and organization/extracurricular. 
    Hint: The more information you provide, the better.
  • Follow your ⭐ favorite employers and be notified if they come to campus or post a position.
  • Check your notifications because employers may message you directly.


  • Join LinkedIn groups related to your field of interest.
  • Be active! Share, like and comment on any content that's related to your career interests.
  • Publish posts or articles on topics of interest.
  • Start messaging people using the professional introduction message template.
  • Check your notifications because employers may message you directly.

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