Enrollment Pro Formas

Proposals for enrollment plan changes should be accompanied by a pro forma that shows the expected revenues and costs related to the enrollment change.


There is no specific, standard format for an enrollment pro forma, as each enrollment change proposal is unique.  However, it is recommended that each pro forma consider several factors, outlined below.  It is recommended that you work with your resource analyst when deveoping an enrollment pro forma. 

Factors to Consider

The following factors should be considered and incorporated into your pro forma: 

  • Magnitude of enrollment change -- headcount and credit hours
  • Enrollment mix -- residency, program, FT/PT
  • Demand -- student interest and employment
  • Phase-in of enrollment changes -- by cohort
  • Effect of the change on tuition revenue -- net and compared to target
  • Breakout of tuition revenue changes -- attributed to unit vs. others
  • Expected tuition rate increases over the life of the proposal
  • Impact of changes on your unit AND other units -- academic and support
  • Instruction and support staffing needs -- current capacity vs. hiring
  • Startup associated with any required hires
  • Equipment and space needs
  • Impact on indirect costs

All assumptions should be clearly documented.   

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