Administrative Services

An integral part of an animal care program is attending to the needs of researchers from an administrative perspective. The CM-LAF has a knowledgeable staff who can assist with a wide variety of needs.

  • 12/12/17
    Your animals and your research are secured behind closed doors, many requiring a security card for access.
  • 2/26/18
    There are several approved vendors that an investigator may use to purchase animals by using the eReq system.
  • 6/27/19
    The CM-LAF deals with reputable laboratory animal breeders, approved vendors and licensed class A dealers when purchasing animals.
  • 9/29/20
    In order to maintain staffing, supplies and equipment the CM-LAF has a per diem fee structure for the care of animals. The rates run concurrent with UB's fiscal year, July 1—June 30.
  • 5/2/16
    The CM-LAF accepts all forms of payment common to the university. Typically your research grant funding source will determine how you set up your animal care accounts, but we can work with you to review your specific needs.
  • 9/1/17
    Anyone who is in contact with research animals and/or their unfixed tissues comes under the rules of the Occupational Health Monitoring Program (OHMP). This includes investigators, research staff, maintenance staff, janitorial staff and visitors.