Animal Vendors Delivery Schedules

The CM-LAF deals with reputable laboratory animal breeders, approved vendors and licensed class A dealers when purchasing animals.

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When animals are received from our approved vendors, we monitor their arrival and their health following standard procedures.

If the animals are from other institutions, they need a recent health profile that is approved by UB's CM-LAF Chief of Veterinary Services prior to shipping.

For rodents, we follow procedures under SOP 1-A-9, Acquisition of Rodents from Non Approved Sources.

The Jackson Laboratory

Day: Wednesday

Animals: Mice

Phone: 1-800-422-6423



Robinson Services Inc

Day: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Animals: SPF Rabbits

Phone: 1-336-940-2550

Contact: Kevin Robinson ( and Nan Robinson (


Day: Tuesdays

Animals: Mice/Rats/Hamsters

Phone: 1-800-793-7287


Contact: Bria Gorin (

Xenopus Express

Day: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays

Animals: Frogs

Phone: 1-800-936-6787

Contact: Burley Eilley


Day: Tuesdays

Animals: Mice/Rats

Phone: 1-888-822-6642


Charles River Laboratories

Day: Wednesday

Animals: Mice, Rats, Rabbits

Phone: 1-800-522-7287

Contact: Team 3(

WBB Farms

Day: Weekdays

Animals: Swine

Phone: (716) 870-2777

Contact: Brenda Bippert

Marshall BioResources

Day: Wednedays, Thursdays

Animals: Beagles, Mongrels

Phone: (315) 587-2295

Contact:  Pam Huber ( and Courtney Wadswort(